Felt Christmas Ornaments

Last week, Mel and I celebrated Christmas with my brother’s family.  This year was EXTRA special because it was the first Christmas with their new baby (my niece), who I miss OOOOH SOOO much!  Being the crafty aunt, I just had to make some felt ornaments for their tree. =)

J, L, and M are their initials.

Hello Kitty for baby Malia. =)

Plain cupcake

Or with sprinkles (using puff paint).

♥ my family ♥

Although Christmas is over, you can still use this idea for other projects.  Years ago, I made these initials to spell out my mom’s name and she still has it hanging on her office door at work. =)


  • Cut out two round pieces of felt.  Mine were 2 inches in diameter.
  • Cut out felt letter and attach to front piece using a hot glue gun or fabric tape.

  • Attach a piece of ribbon to the back of the front piece.

  • Using embroidery string (Michaels), stitch together front and back pieces.  You can also use thread, but embroidery string is thicker so the stitching/border will be more prominent.

  • Stitch through the ribbon to keep it in place.

  • Leave an opening towards the end and fill ornament with pillow batting (Michaels).  Note:  For odd shapes, such as the Christmas tree, use a pair of tweezers or a toothpick to push the batting into the corners.

  • Finish stitching all the way around and voila!

Have a wonderful and SAFE new year!


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