Garage Shoe Storage

Lately, our garage has really gotten out of control.  In particular, our shoes were piled up by the door and looked horrible.  Since we don’t have much storage room in the house, we keep our shoes in the garage.  After shopping around, we decided on this Rubbermaid shelving unit from Home Depot.



Although this entire unit can be a bit pricey with all the brackets and shelves, I really like how versatile it is.  The top shelves are taller to accommodate my heels, while the bottom shelves are shorter for Mel’s tennis shoes.  I could probably even put in one more shelf at the very bottom.


With the removable brackets, you can move the shelves as often as you like to fit your needs.


Before and After

Shelving is great because you’re taking advantage of the wall space, instead of valuable floor space.  In the future, longer shelves could even be placed on the right side above the golf bags to hold more shoes.  We also moved the large metal shelving unit in the corner and placed it against the right side of the wall.  Now when we pull into the garage, the space feels more open and we feel like we can breathe again.

So if you have a couple of hours to spare this weekend, try organizing a small area of your garage.  It’s amazing what a difference it can make. =)

4 thoughts on “Garage Shoe Storage

  1. Cindy says:

    Hi, may i know how do you secure the wooden shelf on to the bracket? And is the upright track strong enough without having to use the horizontal panel on the top? Thank you

    • ms.Tapioca says:

      Hi Cindy. You would use regular wood screws and insert them through the two holes on the bottom of the bracket up into the shelves. I didn’t use screws to secure our shelves because we’re still playing around with the different shelving heights. Therefore, you won’t see the screws in the pictures.

      Also, we used a stud finder to ensure the upright tracks were drilled into studs. That way, they are secure and we didn’t feel the need for the horizontal panel. However, definitely install the panel if you need the support.

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