Graduation Money Lei

When I graduated from college, my cousin made me a money lei and I thought it was such a cute idea.  Since then, I’ve made a few for my friends and they’ve always been a hit.  Being that it’s graduation time, I thought this post was appropriate. =)


  • 1 1/2 inch ribbon (Michaels)
  • 15 new, crisp $1 bills
  • floral accent (wedding section of Michaels)
  • ruler
  • needle or sharp object
  • scotch tape
  • scissors


  • Fold each dollar bill into a fan.
  • You don’t need to be too exact, but I folded the bill in half, then in half again, then again, and again—until there were 16 sections.

  • Fold 8 bills with the front side facing up and 7 bills with the back side facing up.

  • Use scotch tape to attach the open ends.

  • Repeat on the other side.  You should now have a circle rosette.

  • Carefully separate the floral stems by peeling off the green floral tape.  Try to keep the stem as long as possible.

  • Locate the opening where the right sides of the bill connect.
  • Insert the floral stem.

  • Using a needle or sharp object, make a hole in the ribbon.
  • Push the floral stem through the ribbon and back up.
  • Thread the floral stem through the hole where the left sides of the bill connect.

  • Twist the floral stem behind the base of the flower to secure.

  • Measure 3 1/2 inches from the center of the rosette.  This is where the center of the next rosette should be.

  • Repeat until all the bills are attached.
  • Remember to alternate each bill in order to show both the front side and the back side.

  • Measure 4-5 inches at each end of the ribbon and cut into a point.
  • Paint a small amount of clear nail polish on the ends of the ribbon to prevent them from fraying.

Mel is such a good model.  We didn’t have a graduation gown, but you get the idea. =)